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Perennial Allergic Rhinitis (PAR) or Nasal allergies are types of Indoor Allergies that often occur when allergens are inhaled through our nose to our lungs. Some common Indoor allergens are dander from house pets like cats and dogs, micro excrements of dust mites and mould spores. Each time we breathe air in we inhale milions or dust particles, allergens, chemical polutants and other foreign matters.

One of the most potent source of biological allergens are caused by the common house dust mites and some species of moulds and they both thrive in warm, humid and dusty environments. These allergens are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. The common house dust mite for instance meassures one third of a millimeter and their diet is composed mainly of human skin flakes. These flakes are shed off everywhere including house furnitures, carpeting, bed sheets and even in the stuffed toys. But flakes and dust mites (and their by-product) are not the only problem. Household dust are composed of many other things like tiny fibers, dander from pets, bacteria, microscopic mites and fungus, moulds and spores.

Dust mite wastes causes allergic reactions and not the dust mites themselves. The excrement of a common household dust mite contains a protein that is a potent allergen. During its life span, a dust mite can produce 200 times its weight in excrements.

Most species of dust mites cannot tolerate low humidity or high temperatures but after they die, they leave their waste behind which promotes allergic reactions. Dust mites can easily live up to a year in a warm and humid environment.

According to recent studies, the highest concentration of dust mites are usually found in the bedroom more than anywhere else in the house, therefore, to resolve most problems involving allergies we must consider starting in our bedrooms first.

Getting rid of allergen source is the best way to reduce the effects of allergens but vacumming is not enough to get rid of them as 95% of these mites and their waste embed themselves deep into the crevices of our pillows, carpets and furnitures.

Our hypoallergenic room process is Natural and aims at providing:




Better Health

Better Sleep

Improved Comfort

Reduced risk of illnesses and allergy outbreaks

How we achieve Pristine Room

For the indoor air we will fully clean and disinfect the entire a/c system. For the surfaces we will clean and disinfect the bed, the floor, the carpet, curtains and the upholstery. We guarantee a non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-controversial technology due to the fact that no chemicals, ions or ozone are used.


The inherent heat and penetration power of steam is highlyeffective for killing and removing Mold and bacteria. it is safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly than any other method.


Our bio-Sanitizer solution is a Swiss patented 100% chemical-free disinfectant, meeting the highest European disinfection standards with no side effects. Unlike other harmful chemicals, our bio-Sanitizer “boosted water” solution kills bacteria on surfaces before transforming it back into water, oxygen and hydrogen, which evaporates without leaving any residue.

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Saniswiss is a sanitization company fully licensed by the Dubai Municipality, offering a unique and "green" disinfection service that significantly reduces toxins and pathogens in the air and on all surfaces (MIR).

Using only100% chemical free disinfectant or alternatively, the power of steam, Saniservice bring hospital grade disinfection services to a myriad of environment such as residential, hotels, restaurant, clinics etc.

Saniservice has serviced over 1000 private and corporate clients since its inception in 2009 offering one of the highest quality services available in the market

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