Mark Conway

About the Author:

Mark Conway - , Dubai, UAE

Mark or 'Marky' to his friends, have been an Ex-pat living in Dubai for the last 6 years and is enjoying every minute of his stay.

He is a part time blogger while working in the financial industry full time.

His passion is in playing sports and making friends.

My Battle with Dust Mites & Bed Bugs in Dubai

"I love Dubai! Its culture, its people... the food and the night life. But i had the unfortunate chance of living in a flat infested with bed bugs and dust mites... and its in the middle of the summer season..."


When I first came to Dubai as a financial consultant for a multi-national company, it was love at first site. Yes it was at the hottest month, August, but it’s when I found Dubai at its best.

There were sales everywhere! The indoor areas in malls are packed with people of different nationalities and the food on every restaurant is just so tempting.

After spending a couple of months loitering around the streets of Dubai, I decided to finally get a bigger place to stay. So I went through the classified ads and got me a single bedroom fully furnished flat right smack in the middle of Dubai’s busiest and most interesting area – Al Rigga.

At first it was like living my dream, my own bachelors pad in a beautiful Emirate where the sun is always shinning. But then I started getting all these rashes and red marks all over my body. My first thought was that I was allergic to something I ate. But my friend took a closer look at me and said “you have bed bugs!”

Bed Bugs! I thought those were just stuff of nursery rhymes where moms would tuck their children in saying “goodnight, sleep tight… don’t let the bed bugs bite…” in my case, they were real and they did bite.

With much panic, I grabbed the nearest classified and looked for someone, anyone, who can help in my case. I found one company in Dubai under Pest Control and contacted them. I don’t care how much they charge me, I just want my smooth milky white skin back!

They came and treated my bed with some pesticides and after a couple of hours they said they have gotten rid of the culprit. A few weeks past and I was fine. Until it started again! And this time they brought along something with them! Aside from the rashes, I was getting runny and stuffed nosed every morning, watery eyes and sneezing episodes.

I went to a doctor this time around, an allergist, because I was pretty darn sure I was having an allergy attack. (Besides, I thought the bed bug episode was over.) After giving me some antihistamine, the doctor explained that what I was experiencing is common in Dubai, and fortunately, with just a few adjustment in my lifestyle I can enjoy my stay here without any fuss.

He suggested that I get my bedroom disinfected! So I was like, “I just had my room disinfected by a reputable pest control company in Dubai a couple of weeks ago…” My doctor smirked and explained that bed bugs and dust mites have been around for MILLIONS OF YEARS! The reason for their successful survival is their ability to adapt. This is why getting rid of them is, more often than not, a futile practice.

So the only way to prevent them from coming back is to have a regular disinfection of my bedroom to maintain a stable hypoallergenic state. This means that all surface where these tiny creature can cling to should be treated – but treated with a non-chemical based treatment. Carpets, mattresses, pillows, curtains and upholstery should be thoroughly treated.

After this episode, I asked around for a company that does just that in Dubai – non chemical disinfection of bedrooms, but it turns our most the pest control companies in Dubai uses chemicals to disinfect! Luckily, one of my friends recommended a Swiss company that offers exactly what I needed. I called them and they brought their equipment along which actually uses steam to do the cleaning and disinfection of my bedroom. They were thorough and efficient and after a few hour, I tried just lying on my bed and unbelievably I felt the difference!

Months after my first room disinfection, I am calling them again to do another service. What I have learn is to enjoy my stay here completely, I should be in the perfect state and capacity to enjoy, and that means to stay healthy and sleep well at night – less the bed bugs and dust mites!

There are bed bugs anywhere you go, there are dust mites feeding on our dead skin every single second. It’s just a matter of knowing how to control them that I can say “I won the battle against these resilient creatures.”




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