Allergy Proof Bedroom.

How to make you bedroom allergy proof

1. Use bed bug covers and mite-proof encasings on all bedding, including pillows, mattress, box springs, and comforters.


2. Wash all bedding that can not be encased in hot water (140° F) every 10 to 14 days. This rinses away allergens and the hot water kills mites. OR consider using a special laundry product designed for allergy sufferers that can be used in all water temperatures to take care of the problem.


3. Use filters over incoming vents in the bedroom or consider a whole house furnace filter to reduce dust throughout your home or apartment.


4. Use throw rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting or treat carpeting with an anti-dust mite spray or powder. You may want to consider using high efficiency vacuum bags or purchasing a True HEPA Vacuum Cleaner to greatly reduce emmissions.


5. Wood, leather, vinyl or rattan furniture is best because dust mites can't live on the surface and cleaning is easy.


6. Keep humidity levels at 50% or less by using a room air conditioner or dehumidifier.


7. Check humidity often and monitor levels as dust mites and mold spore thrive in a humid environment.


8. Avoid cloth drapes as these can collect allergens - use shades or blinds and dust often. Also, remove other dust catchers like books and stuffed animals.


9. Remove airborne allergens with a high-powered True HEPA Room Air Cleaner. Be sure to get a unit powerful enough to handle your room size.





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