Dubai Allergies and Asthma on the Rise.

Allergies getting more and more common in Dubai.

Sneezing constantly? Bugged by reddish itchy eyes and runny nose again? Or having asthma bouts more frequently than usual? If you live in Dubai, you are actually just one of many.


Recent studies reveal that allergies and asthma are becoming prevalent in Dubai. A study done by Dr. Shirin Al Suwaidi of UAE University revealed that one-third of adults living in the UAE are suffering from allergic rhinitis. Last year, a survey conducted by the Emirates Respiratory Society further showed that one out of eight residents across the UAE has asthma. Worst, experts are warning that sufferers of these Dubai allergy problems are increasing and will continue to do so in the coming years.


With its dry desert climate, dust storms, constant urbanization, and endless landscaping, Dubai harbors a lot of particles that trigger allergies and asthma. Dubai allergens include pollen, fertilizers, dust, mold, and grains of sand. You may think you are protected by being indoors 90 percent of the day due to the heat but poor indoor air quality further puts you at risk. In fact, dirty indoor air can be a hundred times more harmful to your health than polluted outdoor air, according to the United States Environment Protection Agency.


Discomfort, low productivity, escalating medical bills, health complications, and even death, in some cases, can be brought about by Dubai allergies and asthma. Hence, it pays to observe preventive measures that include frequent cleaning of air-conditioning ducts and carpets, avoidance of excessive outdoor exposure in dusty conditions, and putting on masks, among others.


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