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Sally Schurman - , Dubai, UAE

Sally has been living in Dubai for the last 14 years and works as a Front of House Manager for one of Dubai's most famous hotel.

During her free time, sally loves to write and give advices on how to maintain a healthy environment for your home and family.

Her passion for order and cleanliness is what makes her a primary resource when it comes to this matter.


Explore the Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning and Disinfection in Dubai

Carpets are among the most popular kind of house flooring preferred by a majority of people owing to carpet’s soft and warm features that create a cosy environment in the home.


Carpets at hotels give you a feeling that you are welcome there. To maintain the aesthetics of any place it is essential that you get your carpets cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to ward off unhealthy environment, dust mites and other allergens. Activity like vacuuming frequently is just not enough to maintain the cleanliness. It is recommended to hire professional cleaning and disinfection companies for proper carpet cleaning & disinfection and other upholstery disinfection.

Your home demands so much from your carpet and professional’s carpet disinfection as well as cleaning is the correct way to maintain its good condition and healthy indoor environment. The benefits associated with carpet cleaning are several and one of them is that feeling that you obtain from walking on cleaned and hygienic carpets — this can only be achieved by getting the service of professional carpet cleaning and Disinfection Company.

Carpet attracts pieces that pass through the window that fall from your shoes or enter in your place in infinite number of ways. The carpet is simply a filter as it retains all those elements inside its fibres. This gives birth to allergens that are the main cause of various allergies and ailments. Another health benefit of carpet cleaning is that it reduces the amount of allergens in the room. You can get rid of allergens present in the dirty carpets through environment- friendly methods of sanitising the carpets and removing stains, if any, as well. The expert carpet cleaning and disinfection prevents allergies and irritations.

Apart from the eco-friendly method, the conditioners, protectors and stain removers used in specific carpet cleaning are also environment-friendly. No residue is left in the carpet and there is no chemical that can add in polluting the environment.

The particles capable of causing allergies to your family can also deteriorate your carpet fibres. The microscopic materials, dirt particles, dust mites, stains, etc. can also wear down the fibres in addition to spoiling the environment. To maintain the visual appearance of the carpet it is also vital that you get rid of stains that have opposing effects. Hire professional carpet cleaning and carpet disinfection services as they can remove dirt particles and stains from your carpet by using a non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-controversial technology due to the fact that no chemicals, ions or ozone are used.




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